MOi Cycle Certification.

MOi Cycle certification

MOi Cycle invites instructors all over the world to train, become certified, and teach the MOi rides at fitness facilities worldwide. Our pro cycling training program is ACE and AFAA accredited. Upon completion, MOi coaches receive 8.0 AFAA CEU’s, and 0.4 ACE CEU’s, and are qualified to teach MOi and inspire their cycle students to cycle like never before!

MOi Cycle certification training is an intense one day dynamic and comprehensive cycling educational experience. The curriculum is designed to vastly enhance an instructor’s resume, skill set, knowledge of the physiology of cycling and increase his/her appeal as a desirable trainer in the fitness community and, specifically in cycling! As importantly, MOi Cycle training teaches you how to transfer your enthusiasm for the ride to your class participants so that they return again and again. After successfully completing the training, each MOi coach gets five new rides every month so your classes will always feel fresh, and the rides you coach will be innovative, exciting, and challenging for your students.

Each ride is 55 minutes long. MOi coaches excel at teaching our unique blend of Intervals, Endurance, Strength, Boost!, and RACE DAY rides. The variety keeps participants engaged and excited to attend rides, time after time!

Become a MOi coach and join the select team of cycle professionals that are teaching one of the fastest growing indoor cycling classes in the world.

Contact us and tell us about yourself, and a member of our team will assist you every step of the way.