The most personal group cycling experience.


Knowing your HRmax allows you to set more accurate custom heart rate training zones for the highest level of effectiveness and enjoyment in all of MOi Cycle rides. It will also show improvement over time and training, giving you critical feedback on your fitness level. There are many methods one can use to calculate HRmax. The most accurate method is to perform a stress test under supervised conditions.
The age based formula has the greatest standard deviation, but leaves the greatest room for safety.
Here you can calculate your personal MOi Zones using two methods:
The standard method: HRmax x %
The Karvonen method: HRR x % + HRrest 
1. Select your biological sex
2. Type in your age
3. click Calculate
HRrest is optional. Heart rate reserve will be calculated for you.
Biological Sex: ♀F  
HRrest (Karvonen)
Heart rate reserve (Karvonen)
Standard Karvonen

MOi Cycle urges all members to obtain a physical examination from their physician prior to the use of any exercise equipment or participating in any exercise class. In recognition of the possible dangers connected with any physical activity, participants hereby knowingly and voluntarily waive their right or cause of action of any kind whatsoever arising as the result of such activity from which any liability may or could accrue to MOi Cycle, its officers, agents, employees, or instructors.