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Pro Cycling

“I’ve always challenged myself to think differently about what people want from their training experience. Fitness has always been a part of who I am. From the first day I started dancing Ballet when I was 4, to the first day I sat on a road bike when I was 20. Cycling changed my life. It opened my eyes to new horizons.”

Tel Aviv-born professional cyclist and ex-ballerina Moi is MOi Cycle’s Rides Director.

Moi spent 14 years dancing ballet professionally in Tel Aviv. At age 18 she serve in the Israeli Army for 2 years.  Upon completion of her service, she received her degree in physiology and along with her deep passion to fitness, made cycling her life’s work.

Moi is one of the most sought out cycle instructors and road trainers in the  Aspen, CO area.

In 2012 Moi co-founded MOi Cycle with her own line of women cycling gear. She has been on the MOi Cycle development team developing the MOi Cycle Program for the industry ever since.