The MOi Cycle team Ryan Golbus

Ryan Golbus


Musical artist Sublog, A.K.A. Ryan Golbus, Is 22 year old local boy from Aspen,Colorado. This up and coming DJ and Music producer has been perfecting his craft in the music world since 2010. His unique style incorporates Deep House, Trap, Hip-Hop, and down downtempo beats, to insure the atmosphere stays fresh and alive. Sublog has supported mainstreams DJ’s and producers, including Megalodon, Skydyed, Ill Mannered, kLL sMITH, Nas-ja, Logan Garison, Bruschotti, Proper, Berrik, Rhender, Autosav3, and many more!

While Sublog continues his path towards his musical dream of having his own world tour, he stays busy as the Lead Audio Engineer for Moi Cycle. Sublog is currently on a tour with electronic yoga based music phenomenon Drishti Beats, out of Aspen, Colorado.

Keep your eyes open for this up and coming artist, as he takes the music world by storm with his own original sounds and unique DJ sets!