Your favorite indoor cycling class was a great starting point.

We are passionate about cycling. It’s a sport that’s driven and inspired us from the very beginning. So we’ve set out to make it better. Born in the high mountains of Aspen, Colorado and experienced around the world, MOi Cycle is a group cycling revolution that is all about you.

It’s cycling re-imagined.

The moment you personalize your MOi ID card, you know you’ve never seen anything like it. With just a single glance, MOi ID lets you see exactly where your heart rate is, and where you need to take it. This innovative and personal approach frames every second of your ride, while keeping the personal your-eyes-only cycling experience.

Music makes the people ride together.

We believe details bridge the gap between a good workout and a euphoric experience, so our music is a skillful production where we celebrate all genres of music while our music team makes sure that the transitions are harmonious, clean and mixed perfectly.

Music makes the people ride together.

Music is mixed in the same key and transitions are perfectly crafted to make sure that the music tempo and the your pedal stroke match perfectly. It is scientifically proven that moving to the beat of the music enhances results.  Whether you ride at 90 rpm  or 75 rpm the music will match the tempo every time. And with precisely timed audio cues that alert and prepare you for the next stage of the ride, you can keep your focus on what really matters and it’s not the clock.

A whole new era for instructors.

Our rides are chart driven and come with five unique goals: 

Each week celebrates a different ride, and the rides have a symbiotic relationship so your RACE DAY week is always successful.  The chart guides the riders through the class and the instructor serves as the coach who enhances the experience of the ride.

Engineered for maximum results.

We rollout a fresh new volume every month, and the rides are available for you anytime and anywhere on the revolutionary MOi Cycle Web-app. The rides are streamed straight to your device. Just hit play and go!

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